As an aftermath to the rapid change in the management atmosphere such as the rise of importance in the environment, capitalism of stakeholders, etc., that has occurred due to global climate change, ESG has now become an inevitable trait that companies must be equipped with, in order to maintain itself as a sustainable company. Yoon & Yang is providing tailored advice related to a variety of ESG issues covering companies’ future strategies, compliance, and enforcement that arise in this ESG era with its ESG professionals (attorneys and consultants, etc.) that specialize in environment, labor, information and human rights, green finance, anti-corruption, compliance, etc.

Key Services

Risk Management
  • Compliance Risk Management related to ESG
  • Drafting ESG management reports and notices, supporting ESG policies and practical task development, managing and planning ESG and drafting guidelines

ESG Strategy
  • ESG governance, providing legal advice on ESG management strategy development and deducing parts that need improvement

ESG Due diligence
  • Discovering the effects of ESG to the general industry and other fields through systematic ESG legal due diligence
  • ESG and legal due diligence conducted during the transaction process of IPO, M&A, etc.
  • Due diligence per issue, such as in human rights impact assessment or supply chain management

Reporting and Disclosures related to ESG
  • Guidance on ESG-related international and domestic disclosure systems and advice related to disclosure

ESG Ratings
  • Analysis of domestic and international ESG evaluation criteria and responding to company evaluations

Dispute resolution
  • Status of ESG regulation and legal advice related to the litigation risks associated with the company, it’s board of directors or management
  • Legal representation on ESG related litigation procedures such as environmental disputes, etc.

ESG Finance
  • Financial advice related to sustainable financing such as the K-new deal financial strategies (New Deal funds), PF related to renewable energy, etc.
  • Legal advice related to the procurement of sustainability related funds, such as ESG claims
  • Certification of ESG claims

Representative Cases

  • OO company's ESG Compliance integrated strategy consulting
  • Advised ADT Caps on ESG Compliance
  • Advised CERPP on CDM business
  • Advised OO company on its performance related to carbon emission reduction
  • Provision of RE100 implementation measures and related legal advice to KEPCO
  • Advised on establishment of a company-wide compliance and risk management system for LG Household & Health Care, Hanwha Defense, etc.
  • Provided legal advice to the Korea Power Exchange on the reflection of its emission permits purchase price on the electricity market
  • Provided legal advice to SK Securities Co., Ltd. on trading of carbon emission rights during the cook stove supply project in Bangladesh
  • Legal advice on the treatment of greenhouse gas emission rights to H Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Advised CS Wind on the establishment of its companywide ESG compliance management system