Tashkent Office
  • Yoon & Yang opened its Tashkent Office in Uzbekistan for the purpose of efficiently providing assistance to an increasing number of domestic companies seeking to gain access into the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), such as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Russia, and to effectively resolve any legal issues that may arise from the CIS.

    Korea is actively engaging in economic cooperation projects with Uzbekistan, the largest market in Central East Asia and affluent in natural resources, such as a recent commitment by the Korean government to provide foreign economic cooperation funding worth USD 60 million. In particular, Korean conglomerates, as well as public and financial institutions, are entering Tashkent, which has been resulting in increasing demand for legal advisory services from Korea and Uzbekistan. Yoon & Yang, as one of Korea’s leading law firms, became the first Korean law firm to open an office in Tashkent. Yoon & Yang continues to provide efficient and inclusive legal services to Korean companies related to real estate development projects, capital projects, M&A deals, resource development projects, and other various business activities and investments in Uzbekistan, Russia, and other states in the CIS.

  • Yoon & Yang’s Tashkent office is supervised by Mr. Hanchil Kim. Mr. Kim is a former professor of Russian law at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and has been handling various matters in Russia and the CIS for many years after obtaining his license as a Russian attorney. Mr. Kim mainly works at Yoon & Yang’s Tashkent office with local attorneys, Mr. Dilshod S. Abduraimov.

    Yoon & Yang’s Seoul office works closely with the Tashkent office through its well-organized Russia/CIS Team comprised of qualified attorneys including, Mr. Soong Ki Lee (partner), Mr. Sangman Kim (partner), and Mr. Jeghang Wee. Through close cooperation between its Tashkent office and Seoul office, Yoon & Yang prides itself in being capable of responding in an efficient and swift manner to any legal issues that Korean companies may face in Russia and the CIS.

  • 107-B, Amir Temur Street, Tashkent 100084, Republic of Uzbekistan
  • TEL +998-71-238-9032
  • FAX +998-71-238-9031
  • E-MAIL hck@hwawoo.com