Ho Chi Minh
City Office

Ho Chi Minh City Office
  • Korean and foreign companies are increasingly gaining access into Vietnam as a leading market in Southeast Asia. Since Vietnam’s opening of its legal market, foreign law firms are able to establish their local offices on their own. The vibrant Ho Chi Minh City, the capital of Vietnam, is also its heart of economic growth with exciting businesses with young energy.

    Yoon & Yang opened its Ho Chi Minh City office in November, 2016. After years of experience in handling matters in Southeast Asia, Yoon & Yang's Ho Chi Minh City office concentrates its efforts in building solid relationship with clients and providing on-demand and on-site advisory services for its clients.

    Yoon & Yang’s Ho Chi Minh City office offers legal advice on various issues related to companies operating in the finance, distribution, IT, construction & real estate, and manufacturing industries. It has extensive hands-on experience in advising companies on a number of local issues related to M&A, overseas joint ventures, fair trade, reporting on business combination, financial transactions & regulations, cross-border arbitration & litigation cases, and general corporate matters. The Ho Chi Minh City office seeks to provide differentiated legal services through attracting corporate clients regardless of their nationalities, such as Korea, Vietnam, Germany, Singapore, and Malaysia. In January 2017, Asian Legal Business (ALB), which is a renowned monthly legal magazine in the Asia-Pacific area, selected Yoon & Yang as an Emerging Market Expert, along with other global law firms, broadening its presence in Southeast Asia. ALB described Yoon & Yang as “one of the leading law firms in Southeast Asia where sharp growth in legal demand is being observed.” The International Tax Review (ITR), a global publication that ranks leading tax law firms, recognized Yoon & Yang as the “Tax Law Firm of the Year” in the category of leading tax law firms in Asia. As can be seen, Yoon & Yang is being recognized for its strength and competitiveness in international legal services.

  • Yoon & Yang’s two Vietnamese offices serve as the hub for providing legal services to Korean and foreign companies specific to the environment of each country in Southeast Asia, such as Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia, as well as nearby countries like Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Together with the close cooperation of major local law firms, Yoon & Yang’s Vietnamese offices and Southeast Asia office (headquartered in Seoul) aim to provide high-quality differentiated legal services for clients.

    Yoon & Yang’s Southeast Asia Team is led by Mr. Zunu Lee (partner), who possesses many years of experience in the fields of M&A, international joint ventures, fair trade, business mergers, financial regulations, and cross-border arbitration cases. The Southeast Asia Team also comprises local attorneys from Vietnam and Southeast Asia including Mr. Hyun Woo Dang (expert counsel), who has completed the necessary courses at the Vietnam Judicial Training and Research Institute

    Furthermore, based on in-depth understanding, professional knowledge, and hands-on experience related to the legal system and corporate culture of each Asian country, Yoon & Yang’s Head Office in Seoul provides legal services pertaining to a number of legal issues, i.e., overseas investments, M&A, IPO, tax & customs, fair trade, cross-border trade & commerce, intellectual property right, and international arbitration & litigation cases.

    Based on an accurate understanding of its clients’ needs and corresponding regulatory matters, Yoon & Yang’s Ho Chi Minh City Office is dedicated to presenting adequate measures to overcome any legal risks and to becoming a trustworthy legal representative and business partner for clients.

  • 17th Fl. MPlaza Saigon Suite 1707, 39 Le Duan Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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