Hanoi Office
  • Korean and foreign companies are increasingly gaining access into Vietnam as a leading market in Southeast Asia. Due to the Vietnam’s open legal market, foreign law firms are able to establish their local offices on their own. In particular, Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, hosts headquarters of major central administrative agencies and the State Bank of Vietnam.

    In August 2017, Yoon & Yang opened its second office in Hanoi. Yoon & Yang’s Hanoi Office focuses on offering better legal services and ensuring accuracy in legal advice for clients in Southeast Asia by utilizing multiple years of first-hand experience and knowhow.

    Yoon & Yang’s Hanoi Office offers professional legal services related to various issues such as overseas investment, M&A, IPO, fair trade, tax & customs, cross-border trade & commerce, intellectual property rights, international arbitration & litigation cases while providing legal advisory services in the process of obtaining approvals and permits from the Vietnamese government and supporting conglomerates and their partner companies seeking to set up businesses within industrial complexes located near Hanoi.

    Yoon & Yang’s two Vietnamese offices serve as the hub for providing legal services to Korean and foreign companies specific to the environment of each country in Southeast Asia, such as Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia, as well as nearby countries like Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Together with the close cooperation of major Vietnamese law firms, financial advisory firms, and consulting firms, Yoon & Yang’s Southeast Asia (headquartered in Seoul) and its Vietnamese offices comprised of experienced lawyers in the field of establishment of local subsidiaries, JV and M&A deals, real estate, construction, IPO, finance, labor, commerce, and international arbitration & litigation, Yoon & Yang presents strategic solutions for Korean companies and investors.

  • Yoon & Yang’s Vietnamese office is headed by Mr. Zunu Lee (partner), who has years of experience representing numerous Korean and multinational companies and offers legal advisory services to Korean and global companies operating in Vietnam. Yoon & Yang’s team members include Mr. Ji Hoon Cha (partner), an expert in handling matters for domestic companies related to overseas investment, cross-border finance, and international arbitration matters, and Mr. Hyun Woo Dang (expert counsel), who has professional experience over matters specific to Vietnam. Recently, Mr. Sungdo Choi (foreign attorney), who has worked for many years in Southeast Asia recently joined Yoon & Yang’s Hanoi Office significantly increasing Yoon & Yang’s service capacity in Southeast Asia, including Cambodia and Indonesia. Yoon & Yang’s next goal is to become a reliable legal representative and business partner that efficiently resolves legal issues for its clients by forming a group of qualified professionals specialized in their respective regions in Southeast Asia.

  • 9th Fl. East Tower, Lotte Center Hanoi, 54 Lieu Giai Street, Cong Vi Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • TEL +84-24-7304-0001
  • FAX +84-24-7304-0002
  • E-MAIL seat@yoonyang.com