To assist corporations in establishing systems for serious accident preparedness, Yoon & Yang LLC now operates the Corporate Preparedness Review Center with experts from various fields, having entered into a strategic alliance with the Cadmus Group, a US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) contractor.

The Cadmus Group is a leading US-based disaster safety consultancy that provides various services including disaster and emergency risk factor analysis, disaster management system establishment, and disaster training to the DHS, not to mention publishing the US federal government’s disaster management white paper. The Cadmus Group is renowned for having the most experience providing threat hazard identification and risk assessment (THIRA) services to state governments, public infrastructure companies, and major private enterprises.

Taking advantage of the serious accidents prevention and response system successfully implemented by the Cadmus Group in the US and its vast industry and company data, the Yoon & Yang CPR Center provides its services based on scenarios tailored to Korean companies. This helps Korean companies prepare a robust and individualized preparedness system.

The Yoon & Yang CPR Center aims to assist clients by providing the most effective serious accidents preparedness strategy with advanced and tailored advice in the early stages of the enforcement of the Serious Accidents Punishment Act.