Yoon & Yang advises merger and post-merger Integration (PMI) between Celltrion and Celltrion Healthcare

  • Recent Matters
  • 2023.12.28

Yoon & Yang successfully advised the merger between Celltrion, one of the largest pharmaceutical and bio companies in South Korea with a combined assets of KRW 5.9 trillion, and Celltrion Healthcare, which also has assets of approximately KRW 4 trillion.


While providing legal advice during the merger between Celltrion and Celltrion Healthcare and the post-merger integration (PMI) process, Yoon & Yang reviewed various issues that may arise during the merger process, and devised an effective solution to maximize the synergy of the merger by proactively responding to the issues. Beyond advising on mere mergers transaction between two parties, Yoon & Yang advised the clients on a wide array of issues such as integration of organizational structure, as well as post-merger operations.